A set of three license cards labelled by year (2022,2023, and 2024)

New Feature: Customizable Licensing Labels

Since day 1 of the licensing module we started with annual licenses. To tell which one was which, we based the label on the expiration date, so a license that expired on 12/31/2024 was labelled ‘2024’. This was fine and … Read More

graph showing forecast of revenue based on the changes dictated for the 24/25 license year

New Feature: License Revenue Forecasting

License Year 2024/2025 is the first year for South Carolina local governments who issues business licenses to have to do what will be a regular process: rebalancing. Required every two years, the state requires municipalities and counties to adjust to … Read MoreRead More

SC Customer – 2024/25 Rebalancing Tasks Uploaded

MASC has released the rebalancing changes for the 24/25 license year: …and like last year, we make it easy for you to make these changes. We’ve loaded the changes into GovPossible so you can review them and have them lined … Read MoreRead More

New Feature: License Penalty Revenue

This has been a long standing customer request: the ability to send license penalty revenue to a separate GL! The process is automatic applied to any license type that has a penalty General Ledger Account assigned, so if you have … Read More

screenshot of where the fees are tracked in the license application screen. There's a plus button to add additional fees. There is also an existing lien showing an open application fee that was charges but has not yet been paid.

New Feature: Licensing Optional Fees

Sometimes, in addition to the base fee of a license, you may have several optional fees. Things like an application fee (that wouldn’t apply to a renewal), an inspection fee, or impact fees may all fall into this category. Traditionally, … Read MoreRead More

business screen showing the business 'Geezers LLC' with an alias of 'Prime Kutz'

New Feature: Business Aliases

Who doesn’t like a good dba? … Read More

white and black calculator on white and blue textile

New Feature: Export to Quickbooks

If there’s one thing that drives us batty, it’s having a person look at stuff on one screen and have to type in that exact same stuff on another screen. It’s a waste of your time and it increases the … Read More

Q4 2020 Product Update

We continued to make progress in Q4: … Read More

Q2 2020 Product Update

I’m frankly pretty proud regarding what we accomplished this quarter: Business License The business license module went from running in parallel in Q1 to now fully live at the end of Q2.  While we were at a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ … Read More