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sample report showing the progress made renewal an annual business license for a 12 week period with a bar chart showing the =number completed versus the number outstanding.

New Feature: License Progress Report

A common question you may have during renewal season is ‘how many renewals are left in the renewal period’? In project management terminology, this is also frequently known as a ‘burndown’ report, letting you see how much of a project … Read MoreRead More

South Carolina BL Renewal Homepage

New Feature: SC State Portal Integration

It’s official! The integration has been approved and deployed to the South Carolina Local BL Renewal State Portal for 2024! … Read More

graph showing forecast of revenue based on the changes dictated for the 24/25 license year

New Feature: License Revenue Forecasting

License Year 2024/2025 is the first year for South Carolina local governments who issues business licenses to have to do what will be a regular process: rebalancing. Required every two years, the state requires municipalities and counties to adjust to … Read MoreRead More

SC Customer – 2024/25 Rebalancing Tasks Uploaded

MASC has released the rebalancing changes for the 24/25 license year: …and like last year, we make it easy for you to make these changes. We’ve loaded the changes into GovPossible so you can review them and have them lined … Read MoreRead More

New Feature: License Penalty Revenue

This has been a long standing customer request: the ability to send license penalty revenue to a separate GL! The process is automatic applied to any license type that has a penalty General Ledger Account assigned, so if you have … Read More

map showing the restaurants for a municipalities

New Feature: Online Business Listings!

Good morning all! We’re really excited to announce the newest feature as part of the new payment portal: Business Listings! This is near and dear to our heart as it furthers one of our key missions: helping you make better … Read MoreRead More

business screen showing the business 'Geezers LLC' with an alias of 'Prime Kutz'

New Feature: Business Aliases

Who doesn’t like a good dba? … Read More

Screeshot of GovPossible Assessment process showing an assessment for a business named 'I Scream'

Managing South Carolina Business License Assessments

Learn how to effectively collect past-due license fees in South Carolina by following the assessment process outlined in Act 176, the South Carolina Business License Standardization Act. This article provides valuable insights and a downloadable tracking worksheet to help you stay organized and compliant with the process. … Read More

credit card terminal reader

Q2 2021 Product Update

We’ve rolled out two major features this quarter, the first of which we feel is an important step forward for many of our communities. … Read More

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Why Do I Have To Pay a Business License?

As a small business owner you’re always watching you bottom line and it stings a little when that business license renewal comes in the door. Don’t I already pay taxes? Not so fast! Business Licensing helps your business be more … Read MoreRead More