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New Feature: Export to Quickbooks

If there’s one thing that drives us batty, it’s having a person look at stuff on one screen and have to type in that exact same stuff on another screen. It’s a waste of your time and it increases the … Read More

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Managing South Carolina Business License Assessments

Learn how to effectively collect past-due license fees in South Carolina by following the assessment process outlined in Act 176, the South Carolina Business License Standardization Act. This article provides valuable insights and a downloadable tracking worksheet to help you stay organized and compliant with the process. … Read More

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Q2 2022 Product Update

SC Assessment Process If you wish to be able to take legal action against businesses that haven’t paid, Act 176 requires that a specific assessment process be filed. We’ve now included that process within GovPossible! Under the ‘Notices’ section, you’ll … Read More

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Q3 2021 Product Update

State Portal Integration State Portal Integration is completed and deployed.  Testing with MASC was opened in October.   Units Licensing In addition to  licenses that are calculated by revenue, there are ancillary licenses that are stickers per pool table or … Read More

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Q2 2021 Product Update

We’ve rolled out two major features this quarter, the first of which we feel is an important step forward for many of our communities. … Read More

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Why Do I Have To Pay a Business License?

As a small business owner you’re always watching you bottom line and it stings a little when that business license renewal comes in the door. Don’t I already pay taxes? Not so fast! Business Licensing helps your business be more … Read MoreRead More

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Q1 2021 Product Update

Our focus this quarter was increasing the flexibility of the product to handle the upcoming changes for business license standardization in South Carolina. … Read More

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Q4 2020 Product Update

We continued to make progress in Q4: … Read More

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Converting from SIC To NAICS Codes

As part of South Carolina’s business license standardization, all organizations levying business license tax must make those calculations based on the business’ NAICS code. If you’re still evaluating based on SIC code, let’s look at what steps you can take … Read MoreRead More

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SC Business License Standardization is Passed! Here’s What it Means for Your Municipality

South Carolina House Bill 4431 was passed and Signed by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster on September 30th 2020 and became act number 176 of the 2020 session. During its ratification process, we covered in a previous post what we … Read MoreRead More

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