About Us

Our Story

For over two decades, our team has helped municipalities in the Carolinas use technology to make their jobs easier and to improve services to their citizens.

We started GovPossible in 2019 because we believe that small communities deserve modern software at affordable prices.

Public Benefit Corporation

We want to be a stable company for our employees and our customers that’s focused on local government.  That’s why our charter:

  • Limits CEO pay to a ratio of 11-to-1 (the average ratio in 2019 is 320-to-1)
  • Shares 25% of our revenues(EBITDA) to across our workforce to raise the average pay of our employees
  • Maintains a 24-month operational reserve
  • Shares 50% of our profits back with the communities we serve to support education and economic development initiatives.

We strive to help our communities leverage their data and tools to material improve the quality of life of their residents.