excerpt from the daily revenue report showing revenue by GL Account

New Feature: Daily Revenue Report

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of updates! This week we’ll focus on the new daily revenue report: a recent addition and a customer request! … Read More

screenshot of where the fees are tracked in the license application screen. There's a plus button to add additional fees. There is also an existing lien showing an open application fee that was charges but has not yet been paid.

New Feature: Licensing Optional Fees

Sometimes, in addition to the base fee of a license, you may have several optional fees. Things like an application fee (that wouldn’t apply to a renewal), an inspection fee, or impact fees may all fall into this category. Traditionally, … Read MoreRead More

person holding a checklist containing 'That Thing' and 'That Other Thing'

New Feature: License Tasks

Good morning everyone! We have a major update to the Business License Module out today: Tasks and Fees! Today, we’ll look at Tasks: … Read More

merging lanes traffic sign

New Feature: Merge Businesses

Ever have a situation where a business has been bought out, or you misspelled the business’s name and accidentally create them twice? No? Uh.. no.. then neither have I… no sirree! … Read More

business screen showing the business 'Geezers LLC' with an alias of 'Prime Kutz'

New Feature: Business Aliases

Who doesn’t like a good dba? … Read More

white and black calculator on white and blue textile

New Feature: Export to Quickbooks

If there’s one thing that drives us batty, it’s having a person look at stuff on one screen and have to type in that exact same stuff on another screen. It’s a waste of your time and it increases the … Read More

Screeshot of GovPossible Assessment process showing an assessment for a business named 'I Scream'

Managing South Carolina Business License Assessments

Learn how to effectively collect past-due license fees in South Carolina by following the assessment process outlined in Act 176, the South Carolina Business License Standardization Act. This article provides valuable insights and a downloadable tracking worksheet to help you stay organized and compliant with the process. … Read More

view of a portion of the millenium falcon at galaxy's edge

Q2 2022 Product Update

SC Assessment Process If you wish to be able to take legal action against businesses that haven’t paid, Act 176 requires that a specific assessment process be filed. We’ve now included that process within GovPossible! Under the ‘Notices’ section, you’ll … Read More

Q3 2021 Product Update

State Portal Integration State Portal Integration is completed and deployed.  Testing with MASC was opened in October.   Units Licensing In addition to  licenses that are calculated by revenue, there are ancillary licenses that are stickers per pool table or … Read More

credit card terminal reader

Q2 2021 Product Update

We’ve rolled out two major features this quarter, the first of which we feel is an important step forward for many of our communities. … Read More