Improved Contact Management

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Hello everyone! Today’s updates focusing on making adding and updating contacts easier:

One of our goals in GovPossible is to make it easy for you to see the relationships in your community. Every community has a number of ‘super users’. These folks have an outsized impact on the community. In terms of licensing and permitting, they may own a lot of apartments or businesses in the community and their care of those properties (or lack of care) can lead to powerful insights about a block or neighborhood.

Improved Contact Form

To do that, we try to encourage you to ‘reuse’ an existing contact instead of creating a new one for every activity. Up until now, this meant searching on a contact first and then, if you can’t find one, adding a new record:

Adding a Contact: Search First and Create if Not Found

This has worked well enough, but it’s annoying to type in the name and then, if it wasn’t found, having to type the exact same name again.

With the new version, you can now start typing and it will search inline!:

New Contacts: Search Inline!

Now, as you type in the first and last name, the system will automatically search the database for existing users. If they already exist, you can simply click on them and they’ll be linked to the business or permit:

New Contact Form when Selecting a New Contact

If not, then you don’t have to retype the names!

New Contact Manually Entered

Contact Merging

Of course sometimes you add a duplicate record. You can now merge those records!

The process is identical to merging a business. After you search for and select a contact, use the merge button at the top right:

Contact with Merge Button

Search for and select the contact you want to merge:

Contact Merge: Search & Select a Contact to Merge

The system will merge the records of the two contacts and you’re all set!

Contact Merge: Notice of a Successful Merge

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