New Feature: Status Flags

Modal of various ways to flag a business: 'Deceased', 'Bad Payor', and 'See Note'

Sometimes you need to put an alert on a business that other users can easily see (or you need to remind yourself about three months from now). Examples may be a business where the primary owner had passed away: the business hasn’t closed but if you see them again you know you need to get updated contact information. Another example may be someone that’s notorious about passing on bad checks.

Now next to the business name, you’ll see a flag:

heading are of a business page showing a flag icon with a title of 'Add Status'
Business with Add flag link

Clicking on it will let you select which flag you want to add:

modal of various statuses to add to a business: 'Deceased', 'Bad Payor', and 'See Note'
Pop-up where you select a flag to add to a business

Click on the flag you want to add, and you’re all set! Next time you go to the business, you’ll see the flag next to their name:

Resulting heading of a business page showing the businesses flagged as a bad payor.
A business flagged as a ‘Bad Payor’

Click on the flag will remove it.

We’ll be adding ‘Bad Payor’ flags to all customers. If you’d like any others, just put it a chat request or send us an email. This flag is available for all businesses and contractors in licensing and permitting.

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