New Feature: License Progress Report

sample report showing the progress made renewal an annual business license for a 12 week period with a bar chart showing the =number completed versus the number outstanding.

A common question you may have during renewal season is ‘how many renewals are left in the renewal period’? In project management terminology, this is also frequently known as a ‘burndown’ report, letting you see how much of a project is completed versus what’s left. Just like a burndown report in project management, we’ve added a report to let you more easily see how your progressing by comparing what licenses have been renewed versus what’s left.

The report is accessible from the Reports Menus as ‘Active vs Completed Progress’:

You can filter the license progress by date range so you can zoom into a particular period. If you have multiple revenue programs in the module, such as hospitality tax and business licenses, you can also filter the report by those various types.

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