New Feature: Customizable Licensing Labels

A set of three license cards labelled by year (2022,2023, and 2024)

Since day 1 of the licensing module we started with annual licenses. To tell which one was which, we based the label on the expiration date, so a license that expired on 12/31/2024 was labelled ‘2024’.

This was fine and dandy until two things happened:

First, Annual licenses started expiring on mid-year dates. All of our SC customer by state law for instance now expire on April 30th. So it still works, but is a little less intuitive when a license that starts 5/1/2023 and expires 4/30/2024 is labelled ‘2024’.

Second, we started having licenses of different periods like monthly licenses. No problem right? If there’s a monthly license, and it expires on 4/30/2024, then ’04/2024′ makes sense for the license! Well, except when it doesn’t. See, a number of y’all are also using it to collect monthly sales tax. So if the collection period is in April, but it’s for taxes collect by a business in March, then ’04/2024′ can still make sense, but it’s making your brain work a little harder.

This has been on the list since some SC customers started asking when the annual license expiration dates changed! So finally, when I got asked again just last month, it was time to get it done. :-)

Annual Licenses

Annual Licenses now have three options. We’ll use a license due on 5/1/2023 and expiring on 4/30/2024 as an example:

  1. Expiration Year (default): The license will say ‘2024’
  2. Due Date Year: With this option, the license will say ‘2023’
  3. Due Date Year / Expiration Year: Finally, this option will have licenses display ’23/24′

Monthly Licenses

For Monthly licenses, let’s say this is for collecting a hospitality tax. The tax is collected during the month of January 2024. It is collected during the month of February starting February 1 and due February 20th. The business is then in ‘good standing’ through the end of February.

  1. Expiration Month (default): By default the license is taking the good standing/expiration date of 2/28/2024, so the license is labelled ’02/24′.
  2. Starting Month: In this case, the license starts ‘2/1′, so the label would still be ’02/24’. However if you have a something like a monthly peddlers permit, this could be useful.
  3. Previous Month: Since collections for the February filing period happen in the previous month, this gives you the option of listing items as the previous month. So, in this case the label would be ’01/24′ to indicate the collections month versus the reporting month.

Something Else?

This change gives us the ability to setup other formats (relatively) easily. If you want it labelled as something else, just let us know and we’ll set it up free.

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