New Feature: SC State Portal Integration

South Carolina BL Renewal Homepage

It’s official! The integration has been approved and deployed to the South Carolina Local BL Renewal State Portal for 2024!

What That Means

  1. Automatic Initial Upload: You no longer have to do an initial upload to the Portal, GovPossible will do that automatically.
  2. Daily Updates: GovPossible will continue to send the updated list to the State Portal daily
  3. Reduce Duplicate Payments: When someone pays locally, GovPossible immediately updates the Portal so they can’t accidentally also pay on the the portal.

What Stays the Same: Processing Portal Payments

You’ll still receive the email letting you know when a payment is paid on the portal. The process for getting those payments into GovPossible will remain the same:

  1. Log into the State Portal
  2. Approve the payment.
  3. Download the payment file
  4. Upload it into GovPossible

Hopefully that will change next year!

What You Need To Do

Right now the process is still being finalized by MASC, but once you get the email letting you know it’s time to upload your licenses to the portal, reach out to MASC and let them know you want to enabled the integration with GovPossible. Once they turn it on, you’ll then be able to get your organization’s API Key from the portal:

Sample of API Keys in the State Portal

Once you get them, just send them over to us and we’ll get you enabled!

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