New Feature: Online Business Listings!

map showing the restaurants for a municipalities

Good morning all! We’re really excited to announce the newest feature as part of the new payment portal: Business Listings!

This is near and dear to our heart as it furthers one of our key missions: helping you make better use of the stuff you already have to do more for your community!

Listings View

The online business listing is available on your payment portal:

Clicking on a map point reveals the details for that listing:

Map with a map point clicked showing the information for the restaurant named Ultimate Subs

By default, clicking on the address either in the listing or on the map label takes them to google maps.


By default, the view displays restaurant listings.  The category can be selected to show the results of various business types:

Category listing for the business listings.  A text list is included in the article below

Types are customizable and determined by NAICS code.  If a partial NAICS code is listed, then every NAICS code starting with the number is included.  So, for example, restaurants, 722, includes 722511: Full-Service Restaurants, 722513: Limited-Service Restaurants, and any other NAICS code starting with 722.

Here are the default categories:

  •       automotive: [ 811,441 ]
  •       construction: [ 23 ]
  •       entertainment: [ 71 ]
  •       healthcare: [ 62,44611 ]
  •       laundry_services: [ 8123 ]
  •       legal_services: [ 5411 ]
  •       lodging: [ 721 ]
  •       personal_care: [ 8121 ]
  •       pet_care: [ 812910 ]
  •       real_estate: [ 531210 ]
  •       restaurants: [ 722 ]
  •       retail: [ 44,45 ]

Categories may be customized to include or remove NAICS codes, and new categories may be created and old ones removed. 

Setting the Listing Name

Sometimes the business name isn’t a good friendly name for the public:

An unfriendly business name showing the store number and an abbreviation

In that case, you can add an alias.  When you do, select the ‘Display on Public Business Listing’ Checkbox:

The interface to add an alias, with the 'Display on public business listing' checkbox checked

This listing now uses that alias on the public listing widget:

an except of a listing on the public listing page showing the alias name in use
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