New Feature: Daily Revenue Report

excerpt from the daily revenue report showing revenue by GL Account

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of updates! This week we’ll focus on the new daily revenue report: a recent addition and a customer request!

Revenue Reporting

Of course for those of you with a specific module, like licensing, the daily licensing report includes the revenue activity for that specific module. However, some folks, especially your finance folks, are… well…. focused on something else:

Tom Cruise in Jerry Macguire yelling 'Show me the money!'.

This report is for them! Instead of having to aggregate the totals from each module, they can get information delivered to their inbox daily.

The report is broken into two parts, first showing collections by tender type:

screenshot of collections section of email, showing a pie chart of the revenue collected by tender type followed by a table showing each tender type (cash, check, and credit card) and the total amount collected for each that day
Collections by Tender Type

…followed by the day’s collections broken down by ledger account:

the section of the daily email showing collections by GL account.   A pie chart followed by a table showing the breakdown of collections in to business licensing and utility billing, with the total of those two going into the Checking GL Account.
Collections by G/L Account

Between the two, your finance friends have a better picture each day of what’s coming in so they can spend more time figuring out more interesting things.. like purchase orders? ;-)

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