New Feature: License Tasks

person holding a checklist containing 'That Thing' and 'That Other Thing'

Good morning everyone! We have a major update to the Business License Module out today: Tasks and Fees! Today, we’ll look at Tasks:


In many localities, before a license is issued, one or more items need to be checked: zoning, fitness of the building, etc. With tasks, you can add these into the system. With a task enabled, the license won’t be available to issue until the tasks are completed.

Tasks are built by license type, so if you have some licenses that don’t need them, you can skip the step! Once you have a task enabled for a license type and that type is chose for a licensee, you’ll see a new ‘Task’ step added:

New license with tasks

When you’re at that step, you’ll see the tasks available to you. Click on the task to add it to the license you’re working on:

Adding a Task

Now, once you check out, you’ll only issue a receipt. The task can automatically assign itself to a designated person or email a group. It can also lead to other tasks if you have a multi-step process. If they’re assigned to you, you’ll get an email and they’ll also show up on your page at login:

Dashboard with Task Assigned

Once any assigned tasks are either close out or completed, the person who issued the task will get an email letting them know the task is complete. When all tasks are completed, the application will then be ready to be issued and you can click on the ‘Convert to License’ button to complete the process:

License ready to be issued.

With tasks you can now manage any ancillary approval processes right inside Govpossible.

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