New Feature: Business Aliases

business screen showing the business 'Geezers LLC' with an alias of 'Prime Kutz'

Who doesn’t like a good dba?

There are a lot of businesses, especially in real estate and franchising, that have one name for the organization and another name on the front of the store/restaurant/mall/apartment complex. It all gets rather.. umm… complex?

So, instead of having to write that all in the business name, we’ve added the ability to include aliases!

The aliases for a business appear in the business record immediately under the business name:

Aliases then shows up in the search bar results along with the regular business name!:

Businesses can have unlimited aliases so that commercial property manager with 15 sites is all set, if you want! The aliases also work for contractors in permitting so if their registered company name is one thing and their name on the state license is another, you can keep track of both!

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