New Feature: Export to Quickbooks

white and black calculator on white and blue textile

If there’s one thing that drives us batty, it’s having a person look at stuff on one screen and have to type in that exact same stuff on another screen. It’s a waste of your time and it increases the chance for a typo or other error to slip in. If you’ve ever had to type in an purchase order distribution that gets spread across department by head count, you share my scars and have my apologies!

That’s why, when we see that happening, we try our darned-est to get that taken care of. We keep track of your GL numbers for each transaction in GovPossible and have the ability to export your financial transactions in various formats for vendors, whether they’re CSV, XML, or now… Quickbooks IIF Format!

The IIF format is compatible with all quickbooks local installs. For quickbooks online, there are apps in the quickbook app store.

Like all of our exports, the IIF export sends all transactions over from that day’s collections so you can easily balance the individual check and credit card transactions when you reconcile with your bank.

For all of you quickbooks users, we hope this makes your life that little bit easier!

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