Q2 2022 Product Update

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SC Assessment Process

If you wish to be able to take legal action against businesses that haven’t paid, Act 176 requires that a specific assessment process be filed. We’ve now included that process within GovPossible! Under the ‘Notices’ section, you’ll now see ‘Assessment Notices’:

Assessments are automatically generated for overdue applications after the due date is passed. You can then use the Notices button to generate the notices and start the process. Detailed instructions are now available in…

Online Help!

While I’m sure y’all enjoy getting random PDFs from me and as much as I try to make sure I’m sending y’all the latest copy of everything you need, I think it would be easier if it was at your fingertips inside the application. So now, you’ll see at the top right of every screen a ‘?’:

Click on it to see the help available! It is context sensitive. So for, instance, if your on a business, the help file will take you directly to the business help. If there isn’t anything directly related, it will take you to all the help files available for the module you’re in. For example in business licensing, it will show:

example help file screen showing the listing of guides for the business license module


Business License Listing Export

Need a list of active businesses, or all restaurants in your area? Now you can!  You can filterscreenshot of the business listing report filtered by NAICS code 722511 by classification and by jurisdiction (if appropriate).  The classification filter automatically includes all subclassifications. For example, if you want to get all restaurants, you can search on ‘7225’. If you wanted to get all restaurants and bars, you can search on ‘722’! As you can see, you can also export to csv or of course print the report and save it to pdf to share it with others.

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