Q3 2021 Product Update

State Portal Integration

State Portal Integration is completed and deployed.  Testing with MASC was opened in October.


Units Licensing

In addition to  licenses that are calculated by revenue, there are ancillary licenses that are stickers per pool table or taxi, or licenses by day for yard sales or special events.  We’ve added the capability to allow for that by type of license:



We’ve added a basic auditing feature for existing licenses.  The purpose is to track audits completed for a customer and if a charge results allow that charge to be processed and tied back to the customer:


Monthly Licenses

In addition to business licensing, many municipalities manage the collection of hospitality taxes, accommodations taxes, or both.  We now have the ability to process these like any other license and pay these online.  It also allows for a custom application and license:

Since these are not covered by business license standardization or the state portal it gives us another selling point for municipalities.


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