Q2 2021 Product Update

credit card terminal reader

We’ve rolled out two major features this quarter, the first of which we feel is an important step forward for many of our communities.

Proactive Reporting

We find one of the most frustrating parts about most software suites is this: you do all the work to get the information into the system, but then it’s hard to make use of all that data. Large municipalities have full-time data analysts dedicated to building reports and shipping those out to the right people. We want to provide small municipalities with that same experience and power, so we’ve built in proactive reporting to the relevant members of your organization, starting with Daily reports:

Sample Daily Report

Our goal for each of these reports is to ask: “What’s the most useful information we can provide staff and administration?”. We’ve started with a daily activity report. In talking with administrators, the primary points of interest are “How much revenue have we brought in?” and “What’s happening in our Business Community?”. The report contains collections information as well as a map and listing of new, renewed, and closed businesses within the jurisdiction.

The report is delivered as an e-mail to the relevant staff on a daily basis. No activity that day? No problem! We skip that day for you and only e-mail a report when activity happens.

We’re also designing on weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that will show progressively more strategic information.

Card Swipes with Apple and Google Pay!

In addition to allowing credit card and online payments with GovPossible, we can now include a card reader terminal. The terminal integrates directly with the system showing the customer the items being processed and total amount due. The readers accept swipe, chip, proximity cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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