Q1 2021 Product Update


Our focus this quarter was increasing the flexibility of the product to handle the upcoming changes for business license standardization in South Carolina.


We took the opportunity of a new customer coming on-board to document our on-boarding process for new customers.  We discovered and happily used the platform to present an on-boarding flow to the customer and clearly lay out our and their responsibilities.  The experience has been a success, giving us a professional interface for the customer to track actions and show progress, especially in weeks where all of our work is behind-the-scenes and not apparent to the customer:

Forecasting Beta

For municipalities without utility services, licensing is second only to property taxes in revenue importance. We wanted to give our customers a way to forecast changes to anticipates year-over-year revenue, either as a result of internal factors such as rate changes or external ones such as the overall economy. Customers can break the forecast down by month to look at run rate or by license classifications so they can see how the proposed changes impact their revenues. We’re currently piloting this with a first site and plan to do additional soon.

South Carolina Business License Standardization

As part of the changes required in South Carolina under the Business License Standardization Act, we’re helping municipalities who haven’t yet converted from SIC codes to NAICS. As part of the process we built tools to:

  • Convert SIC codes to NAICS and suggest other matching alternatives
  • Plug into the Google Maps API to help classify those businesses which do not have SIC codes

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