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Features that enhance your municipality while staying easy for your staff to use.​ Whether you're a town of 250 or 25,000.

'Other Duties as Assigned' Is the First Line of Your Job Description.

We get what it's like to be part of a small municipality: You and all your staff have to wear multiple hats. Your IT support (if you have any at all) is stretched thin. You need software that's flexible enough to handle the complexities of how you do business while being easy to use because you may not be in it every day.

Easy To Implement

Our 'No-Fuss' Implementation Service means you can keep doing your current job while we go live. We take care of all the dirty work, you just review and give us your thumbs-up!

Lower Costs

Small Communities don't have large IT budgets. GovPossible is completely web-based. If you have a computer with Chrome or Firefox, you're ready to use it. We'll even provide the credit card machines and setup your printer to print receipts.

Big City Features

License and Permits that print with your logo. Proactive reporting delivered daily to your inbox. Take Apple Pay at the counter. Our software helps make your team small, but mighty!

We have had nothing but exceptionally fine dealings with Gov Possible. Deadlines were met and the quality of their work has been outstanding. The few times we asked for changes, they were carried out quickly and cheerfully.

Town Manager, pop 1,200

Built Differently to Better Serve You

GovPossible is a Public Benefit Corporation. Our mission is to continue to provide innovative solutions to small municipalities and be with you for the long haul.
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contact search form showing type ahead for elvis

Improved Contact Management

Hello everyone! Today’s updates focusing on making adding and updating contacts easier: One of our goals in GovPossible is to make it easy for you to see the relationships in your community. Every community has a number of ‘super users’. … Read More

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Modal of various ways to flag a business: 'Deceased', 'Bad Payor', and 'See Note'

New Feature: Status Flags

Sometimes you need to put an alert on a business that other users can easily see (or you need to remind yourself about three months from now). Examples may be a business where the primary owner had passed away: the … Read More

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sample report showing the progress made renewal an annual business license for a 12 week period with a bar chart showing the =number completed versus the number outstanding.

New Feature: License Progress Report

A common question you may have during renewal season is ‘how many renewals are left in the renewal period’? In project management terminology, this is also frequently known as a ‘burndown’ report, letting you see how much of a project … Read MoreRead More

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