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Business License Software For Small Communities

Software that's Easy to Use and Helps You Grow a Resilient Business Community

Kudos to this company for providing user friendly software! I appreciate their attention to detail, and creative approach used to meet our essential needs. The high level of professionalism goes beyond what is expected. They are extremely helpful in providing strong technical support. Gov Possible meets the challenge, as our needs change! Highly Recommended
Manager, Business Licensing Department

Align Licensing To Your Goals

  • Forecast your revenues based on economic and legislative changes
  • Measure the effectiveness of your operations
  • Use your data to help manage your community's economy

No-Fuss Migrations

Experience a software migration that feels like you're the customer.

Your Business CRM

Easily search and view the history of the the businesses, locations, and contacts within your system.

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Easy To Use

Our application is built to minimize clutter so users can focus on the task at hand. Since it's browser based and compatible with Firefox and Chrome, there aren't any complicated installations to perform or updates to keep up with.

GP screen searching for SIC/NAICS by keyword 'butcher'
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Security First

Our software integrates with Microsoft Azure Directory Services so you can use your same Windows username and password. Your data is encrypted and systems separated from all other customers.

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Flexible Rate Stuctures

Our system is designed to take any rate structure for your licenses you care to throw at it. Yes.. really... Any.

Credit Card Processing Built In

Govpossible comes ready out-of the box to allow you to take credit cards online, over the counter, and over the phone to make paying easy. We also integrate with receipt printers both for receipts and check validation. You can even use it to handle receipting for other departments.

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Finance Department Friendly

We provide transaction export capabilities to easily integrate with your municipal financial system without a lot of double-entry

Online Payments Included

Save time and be available 24x7 by allowing your licensees to renew online whenever it's convenient for them.

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